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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Check out Consumed on imdb:

From Elisabeth Fies, director of THE COMMUNE and winner of the 2010 Golden Cob Award for Best Emerging B-Movie Filmmaker:

Christina will do anything to save Hero, the black fluffy eight pound love of her life. But sometimes love can go too far...

"A sweet, demented, fearless little film." -Heidi Martinuzzi, Pretty Scary

"1) I want to kidnap him. 2) It was sickly hilarious." - Brittney Jade Colangelo, Day of the Woman

"I loved it!" - Shannon Lark, Viscera Film Festival

"Incredible." - Andrew Rose, Pretty Scary Blood Bath Film Festival

"Especially effective because I think I might feel that way about my sick little dog right now. Queazy!" - Miguel Rodriguez, Monster Island Podcast Report Review
"This inexplicable, hilarious short capped off the fest with a love letter to a little dog named Hero, who even has his own unforgettable theme song. Fies uses The Shining-styled title cards to punctuate each scene of Hero's daily doggy activities, and the gag got me every single time, before reaching its sick (and funny) finale." - John Gholson Review
"Its riff on people who are perhaps a little too in love with their pets starts off aloof as a woman sings a song to her dog, Hero, and ends up in a very self-aware, bizarre place that is a bit of a logical jump for normal people while completely at home for someone crazy. The scenes and techniques that connect the two states of mind seem very disjointed while you're watching, but the big picture winds up earning its share of mildly disturbed laughter." - Peter Hall

Pretty Scary Blood Bath Film Festival 2010
Women in Horror Film Festival 2010
Viscera Film Festival 2010
Sac Sci-Fi Horror Show 2010
Bleedfest 2011
All Things Horror 2011
24 Hours Horror 2011

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