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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sometimes Cactus Can Be Pretty

It was a rainy Southern California Night. The water jumped for the light and made me wonder at the beauty. I could hardly not stop to stare. The view was a reminder of the intangible glory that is this place around me always will afford. Not the street nor houses or even the cactus. But the greater of those. The sum of its parts that equals the joy that the world brings to me. That God lends to me to assist me on my journey. The journey may sometimes be a bit precarious and even worse, prickly. I have the gift of comrades for assistance. I have been told they are "angels without wings." When the night grows near I can lay my head down as God's world watches and moves splendidly as I sleep.
God bless me. God bless you . And God bless the world. Merry Christmas from a rainy place.

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